Code reduction dayz

code reduction dayz

items will have a worth of 1000 (1 10oz gold or 1k coins) see actions/maintain_area. Note dog behavior is experimental and buggy. Fixed, Players can no longer pack a tent while sleeping. DZE_DeathMsgRolling false; / Display death messages as rolling messages in bottom center of screen. Lower is stricter, but may result in false positives. Sqf for info on these values. Fixed, Missing shadows on some _DZ weapons. Fixed, Loot not spawning at Gvozdno POI barracks. Updated, Added Priority to building actions, Should keep disassembly on the bottom of the action list. #4, re: Release Source Code DayZ wow! Fixed, Tranquilizer and Melee knockouts should now last for the intended time of 20s-80s.

code reduction dayz

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DZE_doorManagementMustBeClose false; /Players must be within 10m of door to be added as a door friend. DZE_MaxPlotFriends 10; /Max friends allowed on a plot. Fixed - Jumping is now possible while unarmed. Awesome work, thank you for releasing it! Updated, Disabled use of non-SD magazines in SD assault rifles. Visit /r/truefilm for in-depth film discussions.