Code reduction tapfly

code reduction tapfly

event) weakReturn(target target didUpdateEvent:event; ; In the code above, we initialize the statusView firstly, then invoke the method of djiactiveTrackMissionOperator. ExecutionState) djitapFlyExecutionState* status event. Let's implement the IBAction method as shown below: - self missionOperator * _Nullable error) if (error) ShowResult Set Recommended Camera and Gimbal Configuration Failed: error. You can download the tutorial's final sample project from this. Those methods include transformations of CGPoint, CGSize and CGRect, we will use them frequently later. (NSString (NSString (NSString (NSString (NSString @end It firstly imports the djisdk and djivideoPreviewer header files, then defines several methods to do the mission coordinate transformations.

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LocalizedDescription ; else self missionOperator * _Nullable error) ShowResult Cancel Tracking error. Here is a video for you to get the first impression of the TapFly Mission. H" #define text_rect_width (40) #define text_rect_height (40) @interface TrackingRenderView @property(nonatomic, strong) UIColor* fillColor; @property(nonatomic, assign) CGPoint startPoint; @property(nonatomic, assign) CGPoint endPoint; @property(nonatomic, assign) bool isMoved; @end @implementation TrackingRenderView #pragma mark - UIResponder Methods - * touches withEvent nullable UIEvent event Moved NO; artPoint touches anyObject. Start the Mission Now, let's implement the following methods to start the tap fly mission: -(void) if (!self.

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Actualités: Profitez des réductions Nike pour aborder les ftes de nol en toute sérénité. Furthermore, let's create the following two methods: event if (self isExecutingState:rrentState) self else uchView updatePoint:invalid_point; self hideMissionControlButton; if (self isExecutingState:eviousState!self isExecutingState:rrentState) if (ror) ShowResult Mission interrupted with error scription else ShowResult Mission Stopped without error. Djiwidget into your Xcode project. If the mission is initialized with a point, the vision system will try to recognize the object around code promo renouvellement omgserv 50 the point and return the representative rect in the status delegate. Let's go back to the ActiveTrackViewController object in the storyboard. Working on the PointingTouchView Now let's go to PointingTouchView.

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