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has it that Klasky/Csupo were sick and tired of the spin-off anyway (keep in mind, the spin off only existed due to executive demands ). While the Expanded Universe novels got away with referencing the cartoons, in 1989 Paramount put into its contract with DC Comics that writers could not use or reference the cartoon, much to writer Peter David's horror. Thus, the claims in the older books that Elites, Brutes, and Hunters were never encountered until the last year of the Human-Covenant war were overridden by newer material (and updated reprints of said older books) which had them fighting in the war from the very. This still fits in the continuity of the game, technically, as only maybe two people know what really happened to Dunkelzahn (Harlequin is one of them, and even he's not entirely sure). The Goo Goo Dolls started as a Hardcore Punk band, evolving into a Pop Punk sound that produced both their major label debut Superstar Car Wash and their commercial breakthrough album A Boy Named Goo. During Peter David 's "Tempest Fugit" storyline, one line discontinuitized the entirety of previous writer Bruce Jones' 42-issue run. Except 16, 17, and 18 are nowhere to be seen, despite the fact that the plot of Z was focused around the hunt for those 3; additionally, Goku should still be incapacitated by his heart virus. As a result, she was barred from the Tournament of Champions, and her winnings were withheld until she threatened a lawsuit. In fact the whole point of amendments, really, is to have this option to rewrite part of the Constitution if need. After the NWA got back on its feet though, it disregarded Candido's reign in favor of Dan The Beast Severn.

From before Bomberman Hero has been removed from their channel or set to private/unlisted. 2) #269-287, the Rampaging Hulk stories were retconned into being techno-art movies by the Krylorian Bereet. Apparently WWE either wants to forget that Chyna ever worked for them, they want everybody else to, or both. This existed between the Highlander movies and series to the point of Continuity Snarls at times. Star Trek : There is an urban legend among fans that Star Trek: Voyager 's "Threshold" was so badly regarded that it was explicitly stated to be non-canonical by the producers while the show was still in production and later directly contradicted on-screen. Unfortunately, the comic code promo speed kebab eventually moved in a direction that made it flat out impossible to treat the game as canonical, so Brian Bendis ended up writing a Broad Strokes Pragmatic Adaptation that imported the most relevant bits of the game, while roundly ignoring the elements.

They then claimed that what we were seeing was the pilot, disregarding not only another pilot taped later that day but also the original 1973 pilot Shopper's Bazaar, hosted by Woolery. 1 after Peter David left.