Code reduction japan touch 2018

code reduction japan touch 2018

talks with The Curious Case of Monorepos by Andrew Bestbier Noobs Journey to Pi by Arohan Naidoo Habit Driven Design by Nico Botha Lightning Talk King Shaka 11:25 Lightning talks are rapid fire 15 min presentations. Face-recognition and photo-analysis at the hands of the populous makes searching and analyzing digital data easier smarter and more accurate. About the speaker Enrique has been a programmer for over seven years. I will also cover how to set up testing and continuous integration for your project. With the word agile meaning so many different things Terence strives to bring an attention to the principles and allow teams and individuals to reach beyond their own expectations. Adriaan Putter Senior software developer with a passion for web development and open source technologies.

code reduction japan touch 2018

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I've also presented a lightning talk at Ruby Kaigi in Japan. There are just 2 requirements for our project to be considered a success, seems easy right? Graphs are not a new concept but why should I care about them. In her spare time she blogs over at and has released several android apps. Technically he spends 80/90 of his time coding with managerial tasks interspersed. He has been hacking on it since Geocities was a thing, and has the keening wail of dialup modem etched into his subconscious.

A life learner and explorer; he believes thinking is his strongest skill in his bag of many varied tricks. Personal styles often creep in making it easy to "identify" who wrote what and introducing key man the past we have come up with various approaches to counter this from code reviews to pair programming. Then onto HP where he has worked in the Software Presales arena initially in the OpenView solution suite. Wherever possible, Justin prefers to use free and open source software.